Accounting services


We manage the accounting of companies from various activities from primary accounting documents to preparation of financial statements.
We provide services in Vilnius and remotely. Today, it is the most convenient and optimal option for small and medium-sized businesses: cost savings in document delivery, fast results. We send documents and reports via email.
Concluding a contract with an accounting firm is a great opportunity for a company to get a qualified service and save money.
We work with our accounting software B1 and Finvalda, but we can also connect to the client. We have work experience with accounting programs Centas, Saikas and DB Apskaita.


Tax laws change frequently and in order to avoid mistakes that can be costly for the company, you often need the advice of competent and credible professionals to follow tax innovations. Representing clients at the State Tax Inspectorate and advising on the following taxes:
– Income Tax
– Proffit Tax
– State Social insurance Tax
– Compulsory health insurance Tax
– Value-added Tax


We prepare the founding documents.
We fill out and send the JAR forms to the Registry Center.
We open an account with a bank.
We order and produce the stamp.
After registering the company, we conclude contracts with STI, Sodra and the Center of Registers.